Bagnomaria’ nel Vocabolario storico della cucina italiana postunitaria (VoSCIP)

Ugo Vignuzzi • Patrizia Bertini Malgarini



The paper presents a ‘pilot item’ of Vocabolario storico della cucina italiana postunitaria (VoSCIP – Historical Dictionary of Italian cuisine language after the Unity), a dictionary that aims to reconstruct the pathway through which was reached the current standardization of the ‘special’ language of Italian gastronomy . With Bagnomaria we propose a ‘case’ of gastronomic terminology that does not designate a food or a recipe but a cooking technique or the concerned tool. In consideration of this, item was divided into two “entries’. The item is presented following the formal setting foreseen for VoSCIP, and it is based on a representative corpus of texts, under construction, in which of course a prominent role is played by Scienza in cucina: a corpus which it is expected to include about a hundred texts; for reasons of practical feasibility, it was agreed to get to the Second World War. Occurrences are grouped first by the meaning, then according to the forms recorded; quotations follow each other usually in chronological order.


Keywords: Italian • Gastronomy • Historical Lexicology • Vocabulary • Nineteenth century • Twentieth century • Pellegrino Artusi

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