Fraseología numérica en el lenguaje de los argentinos:

De ‘no valer un cinco’ a ‘ser el namber uan’

Virginia Sciutto



The conceptual domain of numbers and quantities occupies a privileged place in the international field of studies dedicated to phraseology.

The high recurrence of structures including in their internal components a quantitative pronoun or adjective shows us that we live in a world of numbers that we use in different ways and with different goals, although we are not always aware of it.

Our study aims to analyse a sample of 930 phraseological units of the Argentine variety of Spanish, formed on the basis of quantifiers. It takes into account the different forms that these quantifiers adopt depending on being cardinal, ordinal, partitive, multiplicative or collective ones, as well as the figurative meanings issuing from them.

In order to carry out this analysis we have developed a corpus which refers to DiFHA (Diccionario fraseológico del habla argentina. Frases, dichos y locuciones, 2010).


Keywords: phraseology • quantifiers • Spanish • Argentine variety

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