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Morfomi, allomorfie, partizioni: uno sguardo ai paradigmi verbali del torinese

Davide Ricca




This contribution provides an overview of Turinese verb inflection, evaluating the different descriptive options in the light of the current theoretical proposals about morphomic patterns and the distribution of allomorphy between stems and endings. The significant structural differences with Italian are highlighted (above all a very low amount of intraparadigmatic allomorphy in the PN markers, the irrelevance of stem vowels, and a different distribution of the rhizotonic forms in the Present Indicative and Subjunctive), and it is consequently argued that the stem-space approach in its extreme “maximize-stem” version, although equally feasible, is much less profitable from the point of view of descriptive economy.


Keywords: Turinese • Romance verb inflection • inflection classes •morphomic patterns • stem allomorphy • stem vowels • heteroclisis • analogy

Full article in pdf

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